LoadImpact product overview

As illustrated below LoadImpact 4.0 is composed of 3 major components:

  • k6 - the open source load testing tool created and maintained by LoadImpact.

  • LoadImpact Insights - A LoadImpact cloud service offering. Insights enables you to store, analyze, plot trending graphs, and share your k6 test results with your team.

  • LoadImpact Cloud Execution - A LoadImpact cloud service offering. Cloud execution enables you to run tests on the global cloud infrastructure managed by LoadImpact. We provide on-demand support for larger tests and geographically distributed tests.

LoadImpact 4.0 product overview


An open source load testing tool where you script your tests in ES6 JavaScript. To learn more about k6 head over to the k6 repo on Github. To learn more about k6 test scripting head on over to the test scripting examples section.

LoadImpact Insights

As k6 tests can run from anywhere, local/on-premise or in the cloud (on your own infrastructure or ours), having a central place where results can be sent and stored, analyzed and trended is very convenient. That’s what Insights was built for. Learn more about Insights in the result analysis section.

LoadImpact Cloud Execution

There are many different use cases for running load tests. In some, running tests locally (on-premise/behind the firewall) is the only solution. In others, you want the convenience of a cloud service or need the geographic distribution and scale that it offers. That’s when Cloud Execution is a good fit. Learn more about Cloud Execution in the test running section.

Now, let’s get you set up so you can run your very first test