LoadImpact 4.0 Documentation


Welcome to LoadImpact’s documentation! The documentation provided in this section of our knowledge base is for v4.0 of our product. This version of LoadImpact was released in Summer 2018. It allows you to write your test cases in real JavaScript code. The load generation aspect of v4.0 is based on an open source load generator, k6. k6 also functions as the command line interface to communicate with the web interface. This means you can write your test scripts locally and trigger them from the command line.

These articles will help you improve your load testing skills and understanding of Load and Performance testing with LoadImpact. You’re welcome to contact us if you have other questions, comments or suggestions.

We welcome your feedback. If you wish to make a contribution or share a comment on this documentation, we’ve open sourced it on GitHub. So please create a pull request or issue!

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