Scheduling Tests

LoadImpact allows the option of scheduling a test in advance and scheduling recurring test runs. Since we automatically graph performance trending for test runs, we recommend using the scheduling feature to run tests on a regular basis. This provides you with an easy to understand view of how your performance is trending over time.

Note: LoadImpact can be integrated with Automation Pipelines. To integrate and automate tests, refer to this article.

You can schedule tests to recur:

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Tests can be scheduled by clicking on “Schedule” in the top right corner within a test result overview:

Scheduling tests

Note: The time zone for scheduling will be dependent on the Time Zone you’ve selected under your User Profile Settings

After clicking, the test schedule pop-up window will appear

Scheduling tests

You may want to setup Notifications to be aware when a test has been started and completed.

Once complete, click Save Schedule.