Create a user scenario

A user scenario is a script, defining the requests performed by the simulated users during a load test. A good user scenario will be based on the credible story of an user or system performing a realistic task. 

You can create your load script from scratch, or use the following custom tools to auto-generate your script.
  • A Google Chrome Extension (Most popular!)
  • A Proxy Recorder (Good for mobile, non-chrome, scenarios with pop-ups/new windows)
  • Submit a URL (this will only capture requests from the target domain of the URL submitted, no external requests will be included in the script)

After clicking new user scenario you will be prompted to select how you want to create the scenario:

Once your script has been created, it will be available at the user scenario menu. 

Then, if needed, you can script your user scenario to include any specific customization, including sleep time and randomization of events to make the test as realistic as possible.  Some of the most popular scripting methods include:

Parameterization of data (i.e. logins)
Handling of dynamic authentication tokens

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