Automating load testing with the Load Impact API

Load Impact provides an API that other applications can use to access the Load Impact platform.
To get access to the API (version 2) you need an API token.

Your API token provides access to your Load Impact account, so do not make it public and be careful with whom you share it. 
If you have an existing API token you can deactivate it by generating a new one.

Each token for the API (version 2) is unique to a user and organization and is restricted based on organization roles as follows:
  • Owner or Admin members can manage API tokens. 
  • Read/Write members can not access API tokens.

You will need to use an API token (version 2) when using the Load Impact API to programmatically manage your user scenarios, test configurations and test runs.

The Load Impact API is commonly used when you need to automate your load testing efforts by integrating with   
your Continuous Integration & Deployment process to detect problems and performance regressions early in the development cycle.

Load Impact provides integrations with different servicesSDKs and examples in different programming languages.

Load Impact also provides a new Command line interface for the API version 3 (located at the integrations page).
The version 3 API will replace the version 2 in the near future but for now it can only be used in the Load Impact CLI.

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