Scheduling tests

The scheduling tests feature allows the option of scheduling a test in advance and scheduling reoccurring test runs. Since we automatically graph performance trending for test runs, we recommend using the scheduling feature to run tests on a regular basis.  This provides you with an easy to understand view of how your performance is trending over time. To understand more about how to interpret these results, please read our article on interpreting the performance trend analysis graph.

If you are using any CI tools, you may prefer to have those trigger tests automatically.  We describe the process in this article

You configure scheduling a test by navigating to the Tests page and selecting a created test from the tests page.  The time zone for scheduling will be dependent on the Time Zone you've selected under your User Profile Settings

Next, you can select Schedule from top menu

Test schedule pop-up window will appear

Click Save schedule upon completing test scheduling configurations for selected test.

Finally, you may want to setup Notifications to be aware when a test has been started and completed.

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