How does the Data Retention subscription work?

Because performance testing can be somewhat project-oriented, you may wish to temporary cancel your subscription until the next time you need to test.  

We are happy to accommodate this situation with our Data Retention subscription. This $14 a month subscription will allow you to keep your test results as is - for as long as you need.  This is especially important if you have been building performance trends over time to compare results between test runs. Test configurations, scripts and data stores are not subject to deletion

Data retention is available to purchase upon canceling your existing plan.  If you have already canceled you can purchase the plan through the upgrade/billing menu.  Please note that data is only retained for 30 days upon cancelation so please purchase the plan before that time has elapsed.

Here is how it works:

  • If you have an active Basic, Standard, Advanced or Pro subscription we will retain your data for as long as your subscription remains active. 
  • Should you cancel your Basic, Standard, Advanced or Pro subscription, we will retain all your data for 30 days past the expiration date of your subscription - for free. 
  • Upon canceling your subscription, you have the option to activate our Data Retention plan in order to retain all your data indefinitely. 
  • If you choose to activate the Data Retention subscription, the credit card on file will be charged $14/month (note: this is recurring payment).
  • If you choose to activate the Data Retention subscription, it will remain active until you cancel it OR purchase a new Basic, Standard, Advanced or Pro plan. You may cancel your Data Retention plan at any time in the Billing section of your account. If you purchase a new Basic, Standard, Advanced or Pro plan your Data Retention subscription will automatically stop renewing (i.e. because data retention is included in the Basic, Standard, Advanced and Pro plans already).
  • If you DO NOT want to activate our Data Retention plan, you can export all your test results as CSV and copy/past all your scripts. But please do so before the 30 days of free data retention has elapsed. After the 30 days have elapsed, all your test results will be deleted. 
  • Test configurations, data stores and user scenarios are not subject to deletion and will stay regardless of if you have a data retention plan or not.
Please contact if you have any question about our Data Retention plan.

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