Install and configure the Load Impact plugin for TeamCity

Install the Load Impact plugin:
  • To install the Load Impact plugin for TeamCity, first shutdown the TeamCity server and then copy the zip file with the plugin into the TeamCity Data/plugins directory. Once complete, restart the TeamCity server. The plugin files will be unpacked and processed automatically.

Configure Load Impact plugin:

  • To configure the plugin, first you need to enter your Load Impact API token. You can generate a token on the API token page of your Load Impact account. 
  • To enter and validate your Load Impact API token, proceed to the administration page of your TeamCity account.
  • Select “Load Impact” from the list of Integrations on the left sidebar. 

Configure a build using the Load Impact plugin:

  • To configure a build using the Load Impact plugin, first select or create a project. 
  • On your project page, select Create Build Configuration 
  • Give your configuration a name and then proceed to your Version Control Settings 
  • Setup the integration with your Version Control system 
  • From the Version Control Settings page, proceed to Add Build Step 
  • Select Runner Type: Load Impact 
  • If you pre-configured load tests in your Load Impact account, you will now see all your saved test configurations in the drop down under Test Configuration
  • Select the configuration you wish to run 
  • Input failure criteria and thresholds for determining when a test becomes either Unstable or has Failed (thresholds can be set based on Bandwidth, Failure rate, Requests per second or User Load Time)
  • To run the build using Load Impact’s plugin, click Run in the top right corner of your project page
  •  Proceed to the section called Agents 
  • Select the build being run
  • Click on the tab Build Log to review the build progress. You will now see the test parameters and updates in real-time.
  • When the test finishes, click Load Test Summary for an overview of the test executed.
  • For full test results, click on the tab Load Impact Results and press the button to go to your account on Load Impact.
  • All reports, logs and test results are stored in your Load Impact account, accessible anytime.

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