Why should I clear my cache when using the Proxy Recorder?

Our Proxy Recorder captures the requests in exactly the same was as it is being loaded in your browser. This means that, in order to ensure that your user scenario realistically portrays users entering your site for the first time, you should clear your cache.

Why do I get logged out of my account when I start a recording?

If you cleared your cache prior to starting your Session Recorder and got logged out after, is likely that you cleared all the cookies when clearing the cache. Load Impact uses cookies to keep you logged into your site, just as many websites do, so when you clear the cache, make sure that you do not clear the cookies. If, however, cookies are important to the website that you’re testing (i.e. your site uses login or similar, which requires the use of cookies in the transaction process), try clearing all the cookies except for the loadimpact.com ones. The other alternative would be to clear all the cookies related to the site which you want to test, which would have the same effect.

For more information on how to configure your proxy settings for the Session Recorder, please refer here.

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