How do I use the Chrome Extension to record user scenarios?

Start a load test with just a few clicks. Record all HTTP traffic and use the recordings to simulate real user traffic under realistic load.

The Load Impact Chrome extension will capture everything – every single thing being loaded into the browser as you click – including ads, images, documents, etc., so you get a far more accurate read of what’s going on. Just press “record”, start browsing and when complete, the script will automatically upload to your Load Impact account. *The chrome extension will not record other tabs or pop up windows. If you need to capture this information, you should check out our Proxy Recorder.

Here's how it works:

1. Install the Load Impact Chrome Extension through the Chrome Web Store or by navigating to "User Scenarios" on and select New user scenario.

2. Configure your settings to include different URL patterns (Optional)

3. Start recording your session by clicking "Start recording"

4. At any point, you can choose to stop, pause or reset the recording 

5. Once you've started recording, begin to browse and behave as a typical user would 

6. When you're done recording, simply click "Stop"

7. As long as you are logged in, you will be brought into the platform and are able to give your script a name and assign it to the proper Project and Organization

8. You can now edit your script as necessary, validate it and then include it in a test configuration.

Now you can use your script like any script. Edit, update, and include in your test configurations

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