What Load Zones and IP addresses does Load Impact use to generate load?

Some people have firewalls that prevent the general public out on the Internet from reaching their staging web sites. They often configure their firewalls to block traffic from all IP addresses except the ones used by their developers. To run tests with Load Impact they therefore need to add the Load Impact load generator IP addresses to the list of addresses that are allowed to pass the firewall.

Load Impact generates load solely from the cloud, using Amazon cloud servers. However, you will need to include our main loadimpact.com IP addresses as well.

The main loadimpact.com IP address: - Ashburn

These are used for validations, and must be included in every test, regardless of loadzone.

Auto-generated (default) load scripts/Page Analyzer IP addresses:

Session Recorder IP addresses:

The Session Recorder IP address is not fixed. It does not change often, but it is a good practice to re-resolve the hostname and make necessary changes to the firewall if this is fixed to the IP address. We highly recomend adding the hostname proxy.loadimpact.com instead of the IP address if possible. 
IP address for Session Recorder (Updated on 11/09/2014):

Note: Please ensure that your servers are allowed outbound connections within the port range 20000 - 21000 as well.

Load Zones:

Load Impact uses AWS for cloud load generators. For the IP addresses uses in the different load zone please refer directly to Amazon

The ip-ranges.json file provides the updated list of IP addresses used by our load generators. In order to know which IP range/s can be used, you need to filter the`service` of type EC2 and the `region` of the selected load zone/s in your test configuration.

The zone codes are mapped as follows:



US East (Ashburn)


US East (Columbus)


US West (Palo Alto)


US West (Portland)


Canada (Montreal)


EU (Dublin)


EU (Frankfurt)


EU (London)


Asia Pacific (Tokyo)


Asia Pacific (Seoul)


Asia Pacific (Singapore)


Asia Pacific (Sydney)


Asia Pacific (Mumbai)


South America (São Paulo)

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