What are pay-per-test credits used for?

Pay-per-test credits are the virtual currency used to execute load tests. Whenever you’re logged on to your loadimpact.com account and execute a load test you will use some credits. Exactly how many depends on the size of the load test, and how long the test is running.

If you want to buy credits, what do they cost?

The base cost of 1 credit is $1. If you have no credits at all and try to run a load test that's beyond our free subscription level, the system will tell you that you need more credits, and offer to let you purchase the credits you need. This means that you never have to buy anything from us until the very moment you want to run your load test – you can always "pay-per-test”. 

Pay-per-test credits are only one way to pay for tests. You can also purchase a monthly subscription. 

But you can run tests without even registering an account, can’t you?

Yes, when you are not logged on, you can always run anonymous tests from the loadimpact.com start page. However, results from anonymous tests are indexed by search engines and publicly displayed for all to see. As they are fully automatic, they can also not be configured in any way – you can’t decide exactly what pages will be loaded during the test or what load levels will be used.

Where do I purchase pay-per-test credits?

Pay-per-test credits can be purchased in app upon configuring a test that falls outside of your subscription. i.e. if you configure a test with 2000 VUs and you have a standard plan, you will be asked to purchase credits.  You can also purchase credits directly using this link.

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