Do I get my credits/tests back if a test is aborted?

For tests executed under a subscription/add-on, tests aborted by user will count towards your test limit.  It's highly recommended that you double check your configuration and/or run smaller tests to work out low level issues in the case of an add-on.  If you have an extenuating circumstance, please reach out and we will see if we can make an exception.

For tests aborted by the system or script error, these tests do not count against your test limit and will not consume a test.  No action is needed on your part.

For credit based tests, if you abort it early. We will automatically refund different amounts depending on when you aborted the test:

  • If the test is aborted before it has run 10% of the time configured, we refund 100% of the credits spent on the test
  • If the test is aborted when it has run between 10% and 49% of the time configured, we refund 50% of the credits spent on the test
  • If the test is aborted when it has run 50% or more of the time configured, no credits will be automatically refunded (but let us know if some extenuating circumstance occurred, we may be able to make an exception)

The reason we don’t refund exactly the amount of credits that correspond to the amount of time that was left on the test is that we allocate a lot of cloud infrastructure resources before each test and have to pay for those resources for the next hour. Sometimes we can re-use resources from an aborted test, but not always.


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