Insights: Smart Performance Analysis and Filters

The filters section contains a timeline over the VUs ramping together with the result of our Smart Performance Analysis and different kinds of filtering. This section can help you to:

  • Finding issues that our Smart Performance Analysis has detected.
  • Filter results by a particular time range.
  • Filter results by user tags and system tags.
  • Visualize different data points when selecting other metric aggregations.

Smart Performance Analysis and time filtering

Our Smart Analysis detects possible performance issues; they are marked as sections on the ramping chart and can have the color red, yellow or green. These gives you a quick hint on where to start when analyzing a test result.

If you find a section interesting either click that section or click-drag to filter the rest of the results page to only display metrics from that time of the test run.

Read more about how the Smart Performance Analysis works.

Tag filtering

You can filter by tags to reduce the result in the breakdown and analysis panel even more . The tags available for filtering are:

  • user tags: the once you've added when writing your script.
  • system tags: tags automatically assigned as URLs, http method

Read more about k6 tags.

To see what is available simply click the tag filtering field and you'll be presented with the available tags. If you start typing the list will be narrowed with tags matching the input.

When you see the tag you want click it(or use the TAB-key to autocomplete with the tag highest up in the list). When a tag is selected the list will switch to display available values for that tag instead.

Selecting a value for the tag works the same way as selecting a tag. Type to narrow the result and click or press TAB to select a value.

You can add several tag filters and the will be visible as tag:value pairs to the right. Click one to remove that filter.

Aggregation method

Beside the tag filter, you'll find a selector for aggregation method whose options are `mean` and a selection of `percentiles`. When the aggregation method is changed, it will change the result aggregation by including or excluding different data points, and this will affect the visualization in the breakdown and analysis panel.

Note: this will apply only to metrics type "trend". Read more about k6 metrics.

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