Insights Overview


Insights is designed to be the perfect companion to k6, a convenient and powerful extension that gives you access to:
Continuous use of Insights will also enable the performance trending functionality to keep track of how the performance of your system changes over time.

The Insights page is divided into these 4 sections:
  • Basic overview
  • Smart Performance Analysis and filters
  • Test breakdown
  • Analysis
Basic overview

The top of the page gives you a quick test overview: test length, number of maximum VUs, and the status of the test.

If the test is running; live metrics such as number of requests, currently active VUs and bandwidth usage will be displayed. 

When the test is done, the status will be updated based on the results of your thresholds.

Note: Checks do not make your test fails; see how to setup thresholds to determine the test outcome.

Smart Performance Analysis and filters

The filter section contains a timeline over the VUs ramping together with system identified issues and different kinds of filtering. This section can help you to:
  • Finding issues that our Smart Performance Analysis has detected.
  • Filter results by a particular time range.
  • Filter results by user tags and system tags.
  • Visualize different data points when selecting other metric aggregations. 

Test breakdown

The breakdown tree section contains your test script in a visual way; most of the components (thresholds, groups, requests...) that you've added in your script will be represented in the same order in the breakdown. This section can help you to:
  • Find failing errors: checks, thresholds and requests.
  • Find the slowest/fastest groups and requests.
  • Visualize custom metrics.
  • Drilling down check, custom and request metrics.


The analysis section is where you analyze selected metrics. The section can help you to:
  • Get a quick overview of some metrics: VUs, response time and check failure aggregation.
  • Compare and analyze metrics from the breakdown section.

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