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Knowledge Base

  1. Continuous Delivery/Automated Testing 

    1. Install and configure the Load Impact plugin for TeamCity
    2. Using the Load Impact API to run tests programmatically
  2. Getting Started 

    1. Load Impact Quick Start Guide
    2. Different types of website performance testing
    3. Calculating the number of concurrent users to test
    4. Simulating realistic load using Load Impact
    5. Server Metrics Tutorial
  3. Configuration 

    1. What is a test configuration?
    2. Do the simulated clients in a test cache objects that are loaded?
    3. How can I load test external resources like CDNs?
    4. Do the old (1.x) test configurations work?
    5. How do I create new result metrics?
  4. Results/Troubleshooting 

    1. Test result introduction
    2. What does the map show?
    3. Problems when running load tests
    4. How do I interpret test results?
    5. Why am I not seeing any load time until several minutes into the test?
  5. Scenario creation and scripting 

    1. Lua quick start guide
    2. How do I use the Chrome Extension to record user scenarios?
    3. How can I set cookies in Load Impact?
    4. How does the Auto-generate feature work?
    5. How do I correlate data like with Loadrunner?
  6. Credits 

    1. How can I get an invoice for the purchase?
    2. Do I get my credits back if I abort a test?
    3. What are pay-per-test credits used for?
  7. General 

    1. How do you prevent abuse of the service?
    2. Load Impact’s definition of concepts and terms
  8. Code examples 

    1. HTTP Basic/Digest/NTLM authentication
    2. Simple login using HTTP POST
    3. Advanced login w dynamic data extraction/correlation
    4. Random user login using HTTP POST
    5. Random URL from a data store
  9. Case studies 

    1. Case study: ROKKAN
    2. Case study: POSSIBLE
    3. Case study: Brille24
    4. Case study: J. Walter Thompson
    5. Case study: Ushahidi
  10. All articles 

    1. Test result introduction
    2. How do you prevent abuse of the service?
    3. How can I get an invoice for the purchase?
    4. What is a test configuration?
    5. How do I override public DNS?
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